Use your imagination…

street_artist rocker
"...street art will never be the same." "Very Cool! I just dropped a tag to promote my band..."
hiker happybday
"...planning a scavenger hunt." "..dropped a tag for my sisters birthday right in front of her house."

No Glasses Required…

Built On…

Augtag is our flagship application built using the Gamagi Mesh Platform.

The Gamagi Mesh provides developers a unique way to connect people and their activities.

  • photos

    Media ManagementStore and manage Photos, coming soon video and audo clips. 

  • people

    RelateEasily relate data objects in the mesh. 

  • places

    Location ServicesTrack objects in the mesh by latitude and longitude 

  • events

    Coming Soon... Follow Events as they occur adjacent to the Gamagi Mesh.

  • GAMAGI MESH will be available for public development soon. For more information please send us a message from the contact page.

    Stay informed!

  • weather

    Environmental Conditions
    Coming soon... Environmental conditions will affect AR objects inside the Gamagi Mesh Viewer

  • ar_sample

    Augmented Reality
    projects virtual objects onto the real world using our patent pending Gamagi Mesh Viewer

  • zones

    Hot Zones
    Coming Soon... Define hot zones in Mesh. Users can create and follow activity inside of a hot zone. Businesses can create a hot zone to offer deals and advertisement to Users actively inside of a hot zone.

  • track

    Track behaviors on the objects you own in the mesh. Track clicks, views, and physical visits.

Tune in…

... to receive updates on the pending Augtag Release.